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Sun Louvre

Sun Louvre - adjustable sun shading

Sun Louvre`s adjustable shades construction is designed to conform to the modern principle of stylish practicality. The set up comes with either a manual control lever or an automated remote controlled shade ajuster. With a gentle pull of this manual lever, once open-aired area is transformed into a shaded area of your liking. And at a simple touch of the button, the louvre rotates up to 90 degrees, allowing users to adjust the level of sun light streaming in, sheild area from the wind, or create shades as desired before sealing closed for privacy and rain protection. When closed,the louvres interlock tightly to form a sturdy roof. Sun Louvre roof system delivers full control of sun, shade, light, heat, wind and ventilation over the enclosedarea beneath. You can determine the desired amount of sunlight and solar radiation for the particular area underneath .

Sun louvre benefits as versatile roof :

- Flexibility in controlling desired air circulation and amount of sunlight
- Each construction is custom-fitted to individual projects
- Rust-free
- Free maintenance
- Practical and functional
- Simple operation
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