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Shipping Cargo

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Our handling of all your cargo arrangements includes taking care of all the relevant official export documentation required by the Indonesian authorities and special documentation required by the destination country. ( Commercial Invoices, Packing Lists, Certificate of Origin, Bill of Lading, Customs Clearances, ( Indonesia ) Fumigation certificates etc. ) This is included in the shipping cost. When your shipment is ready to proceed and documentation is completed and released from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce all documents are forwarded via courier to your broker / agent / notify party to process at your local while the container is in transit.

Insurance is available from Bali @ 2% of the product total, and is provided by our shipping company in case of damage in transit
( please review the FAQ Page ) Otherwise we suggest you talk with your personal insurance broker and request short term cover on your existing policies for the value and duration of your shipment .

 Cargo exits Bali by the following methods.
Air Freight
To any destination Air Cargo is least expensive compared to Air Courier. Unless you need an item with great urgency we don't recommend either method.
Air Cargo / Courier is charged by the kilo or by the volume, whichever is greatest ( in the airlines / courier company's favor ) When required ,we send via the least expensive airline with the best schedule to your destination (Airport to Airport) Transit time for most destinations via Air Cargo is 5 -7 Days. For Air Courier Door to Door, Transit time is 3-5 days we recommend and use FedEx or DHL . If you require products to be sent by air please contact us so we can get a definitive quotation for your consignments destination.
Sea Freight
Export Bali sends all types of Sea Freight to all points of the globe Please read below for the container descriptions and types of freight.

Loose Cargo ( Sea Freight charged per cubic meter ) LCL less than a container load
The cargo is held by the shipping company until space in a container is available that is going to the same direction. The cargo is then "consolidated" with other general freight in that container and shipped. There are disadvantages in an LCL shipment, for example the cubic freight rate per cubic is more than shipping a whole container and the cargo can take twice as long to reach its final destination
( while waiting for space) and finally the goods get handled many more times, especially by persons outside of our organization. Basically we loose control of your shipment when we hand it over to the shipping company. Even a half full 20ft container is sometimes more cost effective than an LCL shipment.

Full Container Load 20' Shipping Container ( 30 M³ Cubic meters ) Gross Lading 22 Tons.
For an full container order, we take delivery of the container and personally supervise the packing,
We have total control of how the goods are placed in the box maximizing the available space, and ensuring everything is intact for a trouble free journey. The cost of filling a 20 foot container with a variety of produce, furniture, stoneware, handicrafts etc. is generally between $8,000 - $15,000
For bulk shipments the price of course is considerably less. For example a 20ft container of bagged landscaping rocks will contain approx 1500 bags and will cost approximately $4,000 to fill ( 22 tons )

40' Shipping Container ( 60 M³ Cubic meters ) 26 Tons
Useful for large shipments that will otherwise exceed the volume of a 20 foot container, for example its more cost effective to ship bulky Bamboo Furniture via a 40 footer.

40' "HC High Cubic." Shipping Container ( 72 M³ Cubic meters ) 26 Tons
12 inches higher than the regular 40' container
Useful for large shipments that will otherwise exceed the volume of a 40 foot container or bulk supplies where gross tonnage and maximum space is required.